42 Thou Shalt Not Bear

The Spirt of GOD copy


40 Nor His Man Servant

38 adultery

41 Shalt not muorder

39 nor his maidpsd

33 no god befor me


31 And GOD Spake

30 The Ten Commands

28 neither copy copy

27 and all the people

26 and they cry

25 and the chif copy

24 and Jacob said

21 Hagar copy

23 The damsel was

18 from the ground

17 and the lord said

16 and it was

15 And the man knew Eve his wife

14 Unto The Woman He

13 and unto Adam

10 Now the serpent

12 Ye Youreslves

09 Then God Looked

11 Who Told Thee

08.5 God blessed them and told them,_

07 of the dust

04 God went down to disny landx

06 And GOD Created Man

%22Let us make people

1.5The Earth Was

03 Then God said let

04 God went down to disny land

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04 God went down to disny landx